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Business Visa

1 Year long work visa

Applying for a 1 year work visa is possible only after the work permit has been issued, in other words, the foreigner has already received the work permit.
Foreigners must submit documents for temporary stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for a period of 1 year, in order to receive a 1 year visa. You can apply for this visa and work permit at the Immigration Office or visa service center.

Applying for a visa and work permit via One Stop Service is convenient and fast. However, it is important that the person who submits documents at One Stop Service has certain qualifications as specified in the conditions of the One Stop Service. Currently, the foreigners' visa extension is facilitated by the Ministry of Labor.

Applying for visa renewal for the first time, the officer will take up to 30 days to determine whether to approve or not. When the license is near the end of 30 days, bring the passport to acknowledge the results of the consideration again.
If the result of the consideration is complete, the officer will issue a 1 year visa; but if the result is not complete, the officer will issue another 30 days visa until the results are complete.

Those who have been granted a 1 year visa and stayed in Thailand for more than 90 days must report to the Immigration Office. If you wish to travel out of Thailand, you must make a Re-Entry. Failing that, the Non-Immigrant Visa "B" will no longer be in power and your visa will go back to Tourist Visa or Transit Visa.

List of document required from a foreigner to support an application for extension of Non – Immigrant visa Category “B” (first year/ second year)

1. Application from (TM.7).

2. Copy of applicant’s passport.

3. Certificate of alien working in the form of the Immigration Office (Immigration 1).

4. Copy of work permit.

5. Proof of corporate formation e.g. certificate of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the registrar within the previous 6 months.

6. Certified list of shareholders certified by the registrar within the previous 6 months.

7. Copy of balance sheet and income statement, together with a copy of corporate income tax return and receipt copy of sor.bor.chor.3 (Certified by the Revenue dept. or business development dept. or the auditor or original document only.).

8. Copy of 3 latest monthly withholding tax return documents, clearly stating the name of the employer and of the foreign applicant. Along with the receipt

9. Copy of the latest personal income tax return of the applicant. Along with the receipt.

10 Copy of 3 latest monthly social security contributions return filed with the social security office (form Sor. Por. Sor.1-10). Along with the receipt.

11. Copy of 3 latest monthly value add tax return (Por. Por.30 or Por.Por36). Along with the receipt.

12. Proof of the need for the business to employ the foreign employee e.g. no Thai candidate has applied after the position has been advertised etc.

13. Location of the place of work.

14. Other supporting documents required by the competent authority (Sor.Tor.Mor.2).

15. Map showing the location of the business
- exterior photographs showing the address and the sign with the company name.
- interior photographs showing the employee at work.

16. Original documents of Nos. 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 must to be provided.

17. In case the applicant is accompanied by the family, they have to provide a pack of documents, including marriage certificate and birth certificate(s) of the children. Documents must be issued by a foreign government and they must be certified by the foreign embassy.

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