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Company Setup

Listed items that the company must register to amend

Company Setup

Listed items that the company must register to amend

1. Amendment of the Memorandum of Association before setting up the company.

2. Special resolutions of the company.

3. (1) Increase capital.

4. (2) Capital reduction.

5. (3) Amalgamation.

6. Amalgamate.

7. Amendment of the Bridgestone Junction Letter after setting up the company.

8. Capital increase.

9. Reduce capital.

10 Committee.

11. Number or name of the director who is bound to sign the company.

12. Head office location and / or branch office.

13. Company Seal.

14. Other items deemed appropriate for the public to know.

The method of registration is as follows.

1. In the case of company registration Or modify the company name The promoter or director of the company Must request to check and reserve the company name first The name that will be used will be repeated. Or similar to others registered before? Once the name has been reserved, the Memorandum of Association must be registered within 30 days.

2. Purchase requests and printed forms from the Department of Business Development or the Office of Business Registration Service, either 7 or the Provincial Business Development Office.

3. Prepare the application for registration and documents supporting the appeal to the registrar to verify the decision.

4. Pay the fees according to the order of the staff.

5. If wishing to obtain a certificate of registration in the register To submit an application and pay fees to the staff as well.

6. Accepting registration certificate And the certificate of registration in the register.

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