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Non-B/Work Permit

Business visa (NON-B) and application for work permit

Work permit is for foreigners who come to work in Thailand. In order to operate in a business, the company or the employee must apply for a change in the type of visa, according to the law of the Kingdom of Thailand. When foreigners apply for Non-Immigrant Visa '' B '' or business visa, they need to apply for a work permit, otherwise they will not be able to work in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Requirements to get a work permit are:

1. The foreigner must reside in the Kingdom of Thailand or be allowed to enter the Kingdom temporarily, in accordance to the immigration law (NON-IMMIGRANT) but not enter as a tourist or traveler (TOURIST / TRANSIT)

2. The foreigner must have knowledge and ability to work as requested

3. The foreigner must have a sane mind; not suffer from last stage leprosy, tuberculosis, lymphatic filariasis, syphilis in phase 3 and serious addictions like alcoholism, such illnesses that are dangerous to the society.

4. The foreigner must have a clean criminal record within 1 year of applying for the work permit, never experience imprisonment for offenses under the Immigration Law or the law on aliens’ work.

Documents needed to get a work permit are:

1. Application form 1 and 3 passport photos of size 3 x 4 cm (1 and a half inches) (taken within 6 months of submission)

2. Letter to the Governor clarifying the need to hire the foreign worker. In case the company passes B.O.I or KOR, the letter to the provincial governor is needed in order to clarify the reason for not applying for rights B.O.I or IEAT with a copy of the promotion certificate

3. Employment certificate or a contract of employment

4. A copy of educational evidence and proof of work .

5. Medical certificate

6. Passport copy, copy of the resident certificate and identification card, alongside of the originals.

7. Copy of a professional license in case of the foreigner performing a professional practice that by law requires a professional license

8. Power of attorney from the employer (in case the employer is a foreigner, a copy of his or her work
permit is needed). Affixed 10 baht stamp duty and a copy of the proxy's ID card.

Documents for consideration by type of business / employer

1. Private establishments

1.1 Copy of Thai registration certificate received from a juristic person. Plus list of shareholders (not more than 6 months) or foreign juristic person, to submit a copy of the alien business license issued under the Foreign Business Act, BE 2551 1999 and bringing evidence to bring money from abroad into Thailand

1.2 Copy of VAT registration (Por Por 01 and Phor Phor 20) that specifies the type of business Phor Phor 09, and if there is a change

1.3 In case of the employer being a foreigner, a copy of his or her work permit has to be attached to the application. If the employer does not work in Thailand and has not received Thai work permit, he or she must get the Notary Public and the Thai Embassy to certify the authorization to the director or another relevant person to sign on.

1.4 In case the employer engages in a business that requires permission according to the laws. He or she must receive a permit to operate, such as a factory license, hotel business license, food and drug organization license, tour business license, location permit for places where food is sold, etc.

1.5 List of names with the number of work permit in the place of collecting data for division of work and the location map of the establishment

1.6 Copy of the proof of payment of social security for the last month. Plus copies of current income documents, such as financial statements and PND. 50 or PND. 51 (last year) and Pho.Phor 30

1.7 Photos of the establishment (4 photos), company name tag 1, 1 image of the front of the building, 2 photos inside the facilities (if any)

2. Private schools / private universities

2.1 Copy of the appointment of a teacher or instructor (Teaching and Learning Personnel) Perform duties and contract / Private University to show the certificate of agency of the Ministry of Education. By specifying the name of the Position and duration of employment

2.2 Teachers’ Professional License (According to the law of teachers' council and educational personnel) except for the trainer position or documents for postponing professional licenses

2.3 Copy of school license to be a principal and licenses to become managers / licenses (if any) / copy of the university certificate and the appointment of the authorized signatory of the university

2.4 Documents showing qualifications, documents showing course results and documents showing the experience of being a teacher (if any)

3. Governmental schools

3.1 Certificate from the governmental school / state enterprise / public organization / educational area that clearly states the name, position and length of employment

3.2 In case of applying for a government school teacher position, provide with teaching certificate (according to the law of teachers and educational personnel), except for the position of teacher.

4. Foundation or Association

Corporate Certificate of Foundation, Association, Objectives and List of Board of Directors

5. Filming or film production business

5.1 Certificate from the Office of Tourism Development. License for the coordinator with a list of names - job positions and passport numbers of all foreigners involved.

5.2 Copy of a registration certificate from a juristic person. Plus copy of the shareholder list (within the 6 months’ period)


1. Documents in all foreign languages, except English must be translated into Thai language and be presented along with the certification

2. Copy of all the documents must be signed as follows:
2.1 Employer’s documents. The authorized signatory or an authorized person must sign and stamp documents from the company (if any).
2.2 Documents to be signed Or certifying the authority

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